Two Scientists Walk into a Bar

Promotional photo shoot for "2 Scientists Walk Into A Bar", sponsored by CapSci
We are excited to bring fun events to our region that get Scientists and the community interacting with each other.

“Can we freeze people in carbonite?

“What do archaeologists do?

“Why do we use alternating current instead of direct current?

“How is science funded?”

“What is a scientist’s day like?”

These are just some of the questions that people were able to ask scientists at Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar, held in October 2017. This event brought 50 area scientists to 14 bars around the Capital District to have casual conversations with members of the public over nice, cold, beers.


Check out our News Channel 13 Coverage below:


Stay tuned…Two Scientists Walk into a Bar is coming back in the Fall of 2018!  Follow us on Facebook to hear about plans for more #2scientists!


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Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar is under license and used with permission of the Fleet Science Center

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