Will CapSci produce the satellite March for Science in Albany for 2019?

In a word, no. Here’s why:

Planning the Albany March for Science takes months – in 2017 and 2018, we started work in January for events in April. In October 2018, the National March for Science organizing team announced that there would be no national march in 2019. They encouraged satellite marches to plan a “day of action” instead. CapSci took this to heart: we collaborated with our friends at the Sanctuary for Independent Media to run a panel discussion on the State of Science in America. This happened on April 13, and it was a great event! If you missed it, stay tuned for videos.  

Very recently, the national team announced that there will, in fact, be a National March for Science on May 4, 2019 in New York City. Unfortunately, this is not enough notice for us to create the kind of event that we have done in past years. Consequently, we will not be running another event on May 4.

CapSci will be offering Science on Tap on April 30 (Albany Pump Station) and on May 28 (Slidn Dirty Schenectady), 7 pm -- see CapSciNY.org or Facebook.com/CaSciNY for details

We will also be at the Capital Region STEAM Expo on May 18th https://www.raiderfest.org/steam-expo

Here are some ideas for how you can continue the mission of the March for Science on May 4, or any day:

    • Note that there will be a satellite event the previous weekend in Amherst MA: Saturday April 27, 10 am (part of the 10th annual Amherst Sustainability Festival.


  • Call your elected officials to express your concern for the state of science

  • Write a letter to one or more elected officials, expressing your concern about a scientific issue
  • Host a postcard-writing party in your backyard so that guests can send postcards to elected officials

  • Make a donation to CapSci here (http://donate.capsciny.org/), or to another science-oriented charity of your choice

Our Mission

CapSci aims to advance the public understanding of science in the New York Capital Region. Our mission is to foster interactions between scientists and non-scientists, to promote science-based public policy and scientifically literate policy makers, and to nurture diversity within the scientific community.

What CapSci Brings to the Capital Region

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